About hehema


I love animals, well especially cats. They’re great companions, lovely, adorable & smart. I’ve been raising a few cats and one dog, so I now have great collection of their pictures and stories.

I wish to share them and hope you’ll enjoy reading. Please feel free to give comments or share your stories.

Meow meow meow!!!

7 thoughts on “About hehema

  1. Pawesome photos of all mewz fur babies! My human has had many babies over the years too: dogs, cats, & bunnies. She is a cat lady at heart and my slave. We found mewz blog through The Paris Cat, and look forward to future posts about the adventures of mewz current kitties. Mewmew!

  2. Thank you for your recent like on my blog! The picture was taken of my two cats and really was a bit miraculous (given one was not all that friendly). I love it even more now given our tabby has since passed away. I really appreciate you stopping by 🙂 You have some super cute cat pictures yourself!

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