It was a quiet morning until I heard Cookie vomited. She vomited water only and this was the second time in a month.

Last time I thought maybe it was due to the new food, but it happens again.

To ease my mind I brought her to the vet. Thx God that I did the vet said she had a temperature and it means there is an infection. But why?

The vet said it’s complicated and there could be 50 reasons why she vomited.  The vet suggested to feed her the Z/D as she had a history of sensitive diet.

I winced as Harry has to eat the same or if Cookie has access to other food the experiment will be a waste.

I just fed them but Harry does not like Z/D.  I would give them some time and I hope Cookie will get better with the new food.

It’s never easy to be mom, but I’ll try my best! 😜

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