Shaving Day

Hong Kong is hot in summer and easy in 3x degrees C.

I can never tolerate the heat and I guess the same for my kitties. I’d shave them every 2 weeks. It’s a lot of work but we’re happy and less vacuum cleaning. 

Not only that it’s economical to do by myself, I also see it a times to interact with them, as if they were my children. 😊🎉🍼👍👏

2 thoughts on “Shaving Day

  1. How cute they look in their summer furs! It is amazing that they allow you to shave them, I know if I tried to do so with my two I would be shredded to pieces!

    • I started to shave them when they were kitten, so they understand it’s nothing to fear. Harry actually loves it, as he has more concerns on his look. For Cookie she just want to run asap. Lol.

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