I have a cold!

It’s still new year but we had paid a visit to the vet yesterday…


It’s a bit cold at home and I heard Harry breathing loudly at times, it was like having a whistle sound. Also he tried to clear his throat occasionally. Obviously he had caught a cold, but luckily very minor and just started.

The vet said Harry had a small nasal for breathing, & recommended to do a small surgery to increase the openings. However, he said he had only do it to dogs and would need another surgeon to perform the surgery. What?

I just wanted to say this was a terrible idea as I really don’t see the necessity. I have no idea how it is good in the long term.

I love my cats very much and I’m willing to pay whatever deemed necessary. I don’t want my baby to become the guinea pig!

Perhaps it’s time to find a better vet.

4 thoughts on “I have a cold!

  1. Yes he sounds like a nut! Maybe the baby has allergies? Some of my kitties have and the vet prescribed medicine for those times of year and it did help.

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