Super Catnip Ball

I think I am a super mom coz I didn’t scold my cats even they scratched my new sofa. Instead I just bought them new toy. I think they didn’t destroy my sofa to make me angry, they just feel too bored.

They fell in love with the ball and chased it for 30 mins but ignored it now…….

Well it’s great as that money is well spent for 30 mins and luckily it wasn’t expensive.

I really think I am a very good mom. Lol. 😉

2 thoughts on “Super Catnip Ball

  1. It’s always a sign of a good Mum who brings home surprises just because! Even when provided with scratching posts cats seem to have an attraction for the forbidden- my Clove likes to try and sneak a scratch or two on the couch when she thinks no one is paying attention, but knows better as before you barely say ‘NO!’ she makes a mad dash away from it. She then tries to act like ‘what?! I was just sitting here!’ Lol.

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