Yup, I had a Pekingese a few years before. He was the only dog I had.

When I was married my ex knew I love pets so we had adopted Cheese.

I still remembered when we met his mom she was crying, coz she knew we would take away Cheese.  I didn’t feel touched coz she choose to abandon Cheese, simply because he couldn’t get along with the younger dog she brought home.  She had to keep Cheese in cage as the younger one would bully him.  My poor baby….

Cheese was a lovely dog. He never barked unless he knew you would walk him.  He never make a mess and very loyal.

But I am no longer his mom,  my ex took him away after we divorced. I don’t underwood why he had to take him away as I could provide him a better home, though I was too busy and couldn’t be with him all the time.

Cheese, mama still miss you a lot, I hope you are well and happy. You will always be remembered.

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