Love me


I was watching a news clip regarding pet shops here.

There is a lack of government controls so there are illegal breeders here that breeds for money.  They put the dogs and cats in cage and dispose them when they can’t give birth anymore. They are not properly fed nor being taken care of.

I feel very sad to see this.  How could anyone do that!

I feel guilty as I’m also one that will buy than adopting. Every dog or cat deserves to be fed and loved and there should be no difference. I should first go to shelter if I want a new baby.

I couldn’t understand why people could dump their pets. To me they are my children and I just wish them to stay longer with me. It’s priceless if I could hug Henry one more time and told him how much I love him.

I treasure every day with my babies as I know they can’t be with me forever.  All I could do is love them and enjoy.

Please love your pets and never dump them. They have nothing but us!